6 Benefits of Pointing Your Roof

Roof repointing is a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking to revitalise their roof. By applying cement or mortar to damaged or worn-out roof pointing, this process not only restores the roof’s structural integrity but also enhances its aesthetics.

Here are some 6 benefits of roof repointing:

  1. Improved Waterproofing
    Replacing damaged mortar joints helps maintain the water resistance of your roof, preventing water and moisture from penetrating the roof. This is essential in maintaining the quality and functionality of the roof.
  2. Prevention of Deterioration
    Roof repointing helps to secure loose tiles, preventing them from becoming dislodged and causing further damage. By sealing any cracks or gaps in the pointing, roof repointing ensures that the roof remains watertight and protects against potential leaks and moisture damage.
  3. Aesthetically Appealing Finish
    Roof repointing improves the longevity of the roof and enhances its aesthetic appeal by restoring its original quality. It also prevents further deterioration and creates a long-lasting durable finish.
  4. Affordable Roof Maintenance
    Roof repointing is a cost-effective solution that helps to maintain the safety and integrity of the roof while preventing the need for more extensive repairs in the future. It is a good investment in the long-term durability and functionality of your roof.
  5. Prevention of Leaks and Excess Moisture
    Roof repointing can fix leaks and excess moisture by stopping water from coming through damaged cement mortar. It replaces fragments of roof tiles and fills in gaps in the mortar of tiles. The flexible pointing material prevents cracking and shifting.
  6. Long-Lasting Durability
    Flexible pointing comes with a 5-year factory warranty. This means that homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their roof is protected for years to come.

Roof Repointing Cost

Repointing roof ridge tiles can vary in cost, typically ranging from $20 to $25 per lineal metre. The total expense depends on factors such as the size and complexity of the job. For an average-sized roof, the cost can range from approximately $1500 to $2500 plus GST.

Repointing existing roofs often involves additional labour compared to new roof installations, but the investment is worthwhile.

Tile Pointing and Repair Work: What to Expect

The purpose of repointing is to seal and protect the roof from water and moisture leaks. Older houses with cement pointing may require full repointing and re-bedding.

Roof repointing can involve replacing broken roof tiles throughout the roof, cleaning, and sealing all aerial bolts and protrusions where necessary, and addressing loose valley cuts and ridge capping tiles.

Flexible pointing, applied with precision, not only bonds the capping to the roof tiles but also comes with a 5-year factory warranty.

Longevity of Roof Pointing

One of the noteworthy benefits of roof repointing is its longevity. While the exact duration may vary, roof pointing typically lasts approximately 10 years, with the potential to extend to 20 years, providing homeowners with a reliable and durable roofing solution.

The Mix for Roof Bedding Mortar

The mix used for roof bedding mortar typically consists of a ratio of around 5 or 6 parts sand to 1 part cement. This mixture ensures a strong and secure bond for your roofing materials.

Roof repointing is a cost-effective and beneficial way to preserve the integrity, appearance, and functionality of your roof.

By addressing issues proactively and investing in flexible pointing, you can enjoy the advantages of a leak-free and long-lasting roof.

By maintaining your roof, you can prevent costly damage and ensure that your home remains safe and secure for years to come. Contact AllCoast Roofing if you’d like a roof inspection to determine if you need your roof repointed today!

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