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What are fascia boards and what is their purpose

Roof fascia is used as a roof truss on the top of your home. The function of the fascia is to hold the rafters (the timbers) in place and to keep them from warping or sagging.

Fascia acts as a vertical barrier between the outside and the edge of your roof, meaning it bears the brunt of the elements and protects the roof and the interior of your home from weather damage.

Fascia can be installed before the roofing system. If you need to install fascia covers on your existing roof, it is installed alongside the gutters, so the gutters will need to be removed, then fascia covers installed and the guttering re-installed.

There are two types of fascia systems

Continuous system

A continuous system is used when the roof is flat and has a large overhang. In this case, the fascia can be made of wood or plywood. This type of fascia is typically cut to length and attached to the roof deck with nails.

Discontinuous system

A discontinuous system is used when the roof is sloped, has a low pitch, or a tight overhang. In this case, the fascia is installed around the entire perimeter of the roof, and is often made of metal. The discontinuous system provides much greater flexibility than the continuous system.

Common materials used for fascia covers

Colorbond non-profiled (flat sheet) fascia covers

Colorbond Fascia Covers are strong, weather-resistant, and offer a modern finish. They don’t warp or crack, come in many colours, and have options that mimic wood textures, adding a layer of safety with their non-combustible nature. AllCoast Roofing installs Colorbond fascia non-profiled fascia covers.

AllCoast fascia installations use non-profiled fascia covers (flat sheet)

Vinyl/PVC Fascia Covers

Vinyl or PVC Fascia Covers are durable, low maintenance, and moisture-resistant, making them a practical choice for any home. They're available in various colours, are lightweight.

Wood Composite Fascia Covers

Wood composite Fascia Covers blend the beauty of wood with the longevity of synthetic materials. They resist rot, insects, and moisture, requiring less maintenance while offering the classic look of wood and being environmentally friendly.

Fibre Cement Fascia Covers

Fibre cement Fascia Covers stand out for their durability and versatility, resistant to fire, rot, insects, and extreme weather. They can be painted any colour, offering the look of wood or masonry with minimal upkeep.

What are the benefits of flat, non-profiled fascia covers

Fascia covers slip onto fascia boards so it's much easier to install fascia covers than it would be to replace fascia board.

  • Improves Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek, minimalist design enhances any home style.
  • Versatility: Matches any exterior, adaptable to both modern and traditional looks.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean, with less dirt accumulation due to the smooth surface.
  • Durability: Weather-resistant, protecting against water damage and decay.
  • Home Value: Improves curb appeal, potentially increasing property value.

AllCoast Roofing can install Colorbond fascia covers over old or damaged existing fascia.

Fascia cover installation process and cost

  • can only be installed with gutter replacement
  • removal of all guttering and gutter brackets on house
  • supply and install Colorbond non-profiled (flat sheet) fascia covers
  • remove all rubbish off site

Non-profiled fascia cover (flat sheet) installation is approx. $45 per lineal metre plus GST. The average home is approx. $2800 plus GST.

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Read more about Fascia Cover Options.

Fascia Covers Gallery

Here's a few photos of our fascia cover installation jobs.

New gutters and Fascia Covers

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