Ridge cap cleaning, ridge pointing and repair work

Ridge capping is the triangular-shaped tiles that sit at the highest point of the roof where two roof areas intersect. Repointing is a term used for resealing the ridge capping mortar when the existing mortar is cracked, allowing water penetration.

Roof Repointing

Roof Repointing

Typical ridge capping work includes:

  • Replaced broken roof tiles through-out the roof including 1 valley cut and 2 under the ridge capping
  • Re-fixing small corners into place with flexi-point or sealant
  • Clean and seal all aerial bolts, cracked lead and protrusions etc. where necessary
  • Strip up the base of valleys, cleaning out rubbish and then re-assembling
  • Clean leaf debris from gutters where necessary
  • Clip loose valley cuts where necessary
  • High pressure water blast all ridge capping concrete on the roof
  • Cut back top edge of all ridge capping with a grinder
  • Repoint all ridge capping in flexible pointing

The cleaning removes dirt and loose pointing and readies the caps for repointing. If the caps are not cleaned the new flexipoint may peel off within 2 years.

Flexipoint ridge capping

We repoint ridge capping in flexible pointing, applied in a trowel finish over all existing cement work. This bonds the capping to the roof tiles preventing any further deterioration and creates a long-lasting durable finish.

New Roof Repointing

Ridge Capping

What is the warrant on repointing?

The mortar used for pointing is a key element in roof repairs. Flexible pointing comes with a 5 year factory warranty

Are new tiles used?

Second hand tiles will be used. Colour may differ. Tiles will be placed on lower side of the roof where they are less noticeable.

What does repointing a roof mean?

Roof repointing is the resealing of mortar around the ridge tiles. This involves cleaning the ridge capping and applying the new repointing material.

How much does it cost to repoint a roof?

Roof repointing can cost $20 to $30 per lineal metre, depending on the size of your roof and other factors.

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Repointing and Ridge Capping

Repointing and Ridge Capping

Repointing and Ridge Capping

Repointing and Ridge Capping

Repointing and Ridge Capping

Repointing and Ridge Capping

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