How to Deal with Common Roofing Problems

Common Roofing Problems Common Roofing Problems
Common Roofing Problems Common Roofing Problems

Your roof is a pretty important part of your home so it makes sense that you want to keep it in good repair.

A new roof can be very costly so taking good care of yours helps ensure that it will last for many years.

If you need roofing on the Gold Coast, you need the experts here at Allcoast Roofing.

We can help you maintain your existing roof and help you decide when it’s time to get a new one.

Here are some common roofing problems and what you can do about them.

Poor Installation

Of course, we stand by our roofing installation, but if yours was poorly installed, it’s best to address the problem as soon as it is noticed to be sure it doesn’t become a bigger issue.

In some cases, we can make repairs, but in other instances, you may be better off getting a new roof.

We can take a look at what you have and help you decide what your best option is. 

Improper Maintenance

One of the biggest issues we encounter is roofs that aren’t taken care of properly.

We can certainly help, but it’s up to you to check the roof often and let us know if you there are any issues that need resolving.

Check for broken shingles, damaged gutters, evidence of leaks, and other damage that can hinder the effectiveness of your roof.

Caught early, you can save yourself the price of costly repairs by taking care of things right away. 

Leaky Roof

Leaky roofs are not uncommon. Sometimes it’s an easy fix while other times you may need to replace the whole thing.

Evidence of a leak includes visible water coming from the roof, water stains, mould and mildew anywhere in your home, but generally near the roof itself.

You can see evidence of a leak either inside or outside your home, sometimes both. If you suspect you have a leak, call us right away so it doesn’t get worse. 

Clogged Gutters

One of the most common roofing problems is gutters that aren’t clean. It’s important to clear your gutters often to allow proper water flow during a storm.

Failure to do so can lead to water damage to your home, a roof leak and other problems.

Taking care of your roof means also taking care of your gutters so be sure you’re doing so on a regular basis. 

Call Allcoast Roofing to request a quote for all of your roofing problems. We can help make sure your roof lasts!

What Causes a Leak?

From cracked flashing (those thin, weatherproofed pieces of metal that are designed to keep water out) to broken shingles, tiles or slate there are nearly as many causes as there are roofs.

What are the Signs of a Leak?

Most commonly, roof leaks have a tendency to occur: Near the chimney Under damaged shingles At flashing points Around gutters At skylights Close to vents and pipes In low spots or valleys If you see signs of a leak, including discolored ceilings or damp walls, contact AllCoast Roofing for an inspection from our commercial roof repair specialists.

What Happens When Water Pooles on a Flat Roof?

Those little slopes will allow the water to run off, keeping your roof free from water damage.

What is Ponding?

Ponding, in a roofing sense, refers to the ‘pooling up’ of water in a specific spot on the roof.

What is Blistering?

Blistering refers to surface erosion on the roof, specifically when bubbles form due to improperly installed or maintained roofing.

Why Call a Commercial Roofer?

In most cases, it’s best not to fix the problem yourself.

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Roof Leaks?

Having it checked regularly can prevent your roof from being severely damaged.

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Anthony Jowett Avatar
Excellent job done by Wayne and the team, no request was a problem. They worked with me in coordinating my roof restore with a new solar install. Would recommend.
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Anthony Jowett 7/15/2024
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I’m extremely pleased with the excellent work done by Wayne and his team. Communication was effortless, and their quick and helpful responses made the entire roof restoration process a breeze. Recommended!
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Frank Bokma 6/11/2024
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Really impressed with my service from All Coast Roofing from start to finish, excellent communication, clear pricing and showed up when they said they would! The Roof also now looks 10x better! Highly Recommend.
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Wayne and his expert roofing team are the ideal trades team. From the initial call for a quote to the follow up after the job was complete Wayne and AllCoast roofing were a delight to deal with. The quote was not the cheapest or the most expensive but the finished product I have no doubt is the best possible. Our roof was checked over, an accurate assessment made, and value-for money quote provided. Then the very thorough cleaning, repointing and renovation work, and finally painting were all carried out by their respective tradesmen in a thorough and professional way. After dealing with a few other trades for other services I can honestly say AllCoast roofing is the best in the business! Thank you Wayne and team, I love my updated roof!
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Melanie B 9/30/2023
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AllCoast Roofing were excellent to deal with. I would highly recommend them for anything to do with Roofing.
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The guys did an awesome job on our roof restoration. Very professional and friendly service. Would recommend this company.
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N Graham 3/09/2023
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Wayne and his team did an excellent job cleaning, fixing tiles as well as Re spraying the roof to give my house a fresh new look.
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Brian Doran 2/19/2023
Trish David Avatar
Wayne and his team have provided remarkable work in future-proofing our roof through inspection, reclipping, cleaning and painting. Their communication, competence and kindness have made this process one that we endorse unequivocally.
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Trish David 12/13/2022

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